July 8, 2011

Cart paths being paved on Monday

Many of you may have seen, and heard the paving contractors working on the 7th cart path Friday afternoon. I apologize for the noise, but it was imperative that they get the prep work done. If they had not, any rain over the weekend could have delayed the completion, an that was not an option.
The base will is not complete, but you may drive on it over the weekend. The finish grades and asphalt will be completed Monday.
Since we were going to have contractors here already, I scheduled the installation of the bridge aprons at the same time. Work will begin on #9 and we hope to have them finished sometime mid week.

Pete Gorman
Golf Course Superintendent
Pine Orchard Yacht & Country Club
Branford, CT

July 2, 2011

"Coarse" Ettiquette

This golfer made every effort to be considerate of their fellow golfers by replacing their divot.  Unfortunately the divot was taken from the third green, and they did not replace the one that was taken a few feet away.
I guess they did not care for the front-middle hole location.  Protest duly noted.