October 19, 2013

A Behind the Scenes Look at a Golf Course

Here is an excellent article from the USGA regarding the equipment that is required to maintain a golf course. Many people see our equipment around the shop and think "they have more than enough to get the job done". We do have a wide variety of units, but most of the key units were purchased used many years ago. Each piece of equipment will eventually be replaced, which takes a lot of careful planning and even more capital money.
We recently presented a proposal that includes some of our capital equipment requests. Last year we took advantage of an opportunity to purchase two key pieces of equipment, a rough mower and a fairway mower. These units came from a high end facility and have served us very well this season. We also added a blower that helped improve the appearance and an aerifier that improved the condition of the course throughout the year.
For 2014 we are asking for utility vehicles to replace our aging units that were purchased used over ten years ago. Looking forward we will continue to evaluate and address needs based on the age and performance of our existing equipment.
While you read the article keep in mind that you can not just cut the numbers in half since we are not just 9 holes, but we are actually closer to the size of a small 18 hole course. Also take special note of the facility that is required to store and maintain the fleet, and preserve the value of a key capital asset.


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October 11, 2013

Rounds played are up for first time in '13 - News - News - TurfNet.com

Finally good news for the golf industry. Hopefully we can continue to grow the game moving forward.

Pete Gorman
Golf Course Superintendent
Pine Orchard Yacht & Country Club
Branford, CT