December 9, 2013

Expanding Drainage in 3rd Fairway

We have expanded and upgraded the drainage at the end of the 3rd fairway.  After heavy rains inundated this area in late June we discovered that there were a number of existing drains that had failed or were ineffective.  The saturated turf conditions heading into the extreme heat of July proved too much for some of the turf to withstand, and we suffered turf loss in some depressions and areas with little or no surface drainage. 
Clogged drain pipe discovered earlier this summer
We identified the most susceptible areas as well as the source of water that led to these problems.  After exploring the existing drainage and determining where we could restore or expand the system, we devised a solution that would collect water before it gets to the fairway to minimize ponding on the surface.  We installed new drains at the bottom of the 3rd approach, replaced the pipe that collects water flowing under the road, and added a surface collector where we tied into the existing drains.  We also added surface collectors and trench drains to intercept the water shedding off Blackstone road.  This will reduce the amount of water that reaches the left side of the fairway, which tends to see the heaviest amount of play. 
We will continue to monitor the situation and determine if we need to expand or revive other drains in this area, and will continue to aerify and topdress the turf to improve the playing surface, even during periods of wet weather.