February 26, 2016

A Fresh Start

Although the calendar says it is still winter, there is a strong feeling that spring is right around the corner.  With Opening Day for the clubhouse just a week away, I thought I would share a few thoughts about what you can expect to see when you return to the golf course in a few weeks.

The most significant change will be the addition of a new fairway bunker on the 9th/18th hole.  This feature was added to strengthen the left side of the hole after a number of pine trees were lost over the last few years.  The bunker was conceived and designed by Tim Gerrish and was constructed by our own maintenance staff.  Due to the location of the bunker, I do not expect it to affect the majority of golfers off the tee.  The unfortunate individuals that do find the bunker will have a difficult time seeing the green from the sand, and will certainly avoid this area in future rounds.

After reviewing the responses from the membership survey, the new Green Committee has made course beautification a priority for 2016 and beyond.  you will find a few projects that we initiated this winter that will help address this concern including new crushed granite cart paths on the 16th forward tee, the 17th back tees, and the 5th/14th tees.  These projects will not only improve the function and appearance of these areas, they will also serve as a test case for the paths that will be added during the Fairway Renovation Project.  We will soon be completing an ornamental planting at the 6th tee/Comfort station area.  This fall we removed some weeds and undergrowth and installed native azaleas, and will be adding Mountain Laurels next month.  In time, the goal is to eventually repeat this theme along the ridge from the 6th tee all the way to the 13th green.  This will highlight the attractive rock outcrops and rugged terrain that is characteristic of the Connecticut coastline.

Thanks to the warm weather we enjoyed last fall, the wetland meadow seed that was planted in September and October germinated and established remarkably well.  There will certainly be more work to do, but these areas will be much more attractive in 2016.  While the area will require more attention over the coming years, the project to date is on schedule and well under the original anticipated budget.

The Fairway Renovation and Water Diversion Project approved by the membership in 2012 has resumed, and the permit applications are being finalized.  The goal is to have all applications submitted and approved by the end of 2016.  This will allow the club to move forward once the finance committee and Board of Governors determine the club is a position to initiate construction.

There have been a number of changes that have been going on behind the scenes as well, and we are very optimistic looking ahead to the coming golf season.  We hope you all wintered well and were able sneak in a few rounds of golf, and look forward to seeing you all on the golf course this spring.

February 19, 2016

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Here is a timely regional update from the USGA regarding the impact of shade on putting green turf.
The Golf Long Range and Green Committees are currently looking at some key tree removals that will significantly improve the growing environments around the golf course.
Although we may not be able to complete all of the proposed work in 2016, the recommendations are part of a comprehensive Tree Management Program that prioritizes and plans all pruning, removal, or planting of trees on the course.


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